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TimeOut London Eating & Drinking 2008

Bewitchingly exotic, Masa is a glitzy beacon on an otherwise drab suburban precinct. Inside, below, a substantial central chandelier, you'll find heavy wooden furniture, shiny tiled flooring, a satellite TV, maroon and wooden panelled walls, a cushion bestrewn area at the back (for the taking a tea) and a shiny open kitchen. The food is fabulous, picture a marriage between the best of the Middle Eastern and Pakistan cuisine, with a few Balkan salads thrown in as bridesmaids. Hence the the bread (resembling roti, hot from a tandoor) and the rice rice fluffy pilaus) are sublime: juicy seared kebabs likewise. Yet the enticing menu holds much more Try the mantoo pasta dumplings filled with minced lamb and sweetly flavoured onions, covered with a mince and split-pea sauce; or a starter of bourani-e-afghani (a tangy, moussaka like dish of aubergine in a tomato sauce with quroot - reconstitute yoghurt); or a side dish of chickpeas and new potatoes in a minty relish. For dessert there are ice-creams, baklava or fereeni (a rosewater-based pudding). Slinky, black-clad staff low prices, a BYO policy and most entirely Afghan clientele add to the allure.


i been to masa 2 times the first time the food was good and the service was poor,as the starter appeared with the main course slightlly after a minute and we had a on the house Turkish delights (baghlava)the second time went again for this thought that this time the service might have improved but another disappointment that we had our meal cold and the service was worster than last time,will not recommend to anyone unless u want to spend for nothing, and this time will try the new Kabul city restaurant in Edgware highly recommended by too many families.

Hems Thu May 12 2008

Looking at the location of this restaurant, its easy to just dismiss unless you're a local. I must admit, as a Londoner who doesn't hold a drivers licence, I only agreed to go when being driven by my parents. The result was extremely pleasant, so much so that I'd be willing to do a ridiculously complicated commute to go again. This is some of the best quality Central Asian food I've ever had. The lamb kebabs are an absolute delight, as is their freshly baked naan. Afghan restaurants are also a massive rarity in the centre of London and the cuisine itself provides a wonderful meshing of Middle Eastern and Indian food cultures. Not only was the food of excellent quality, the restaurant was spotlessly clean (in particularly the plates) which is a rarity amongst suburban London restaurants offering Asian cuisine. Alongside efficient and polite service, this makes for a wonderful place to have an evening meal with family/friends. If someone offers you a lift though, take it..

Ata Rahman Wed Mar 31 2008

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